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Escape from Tarkov Coaching

Escape from Tarkov Coaching
Escape from Tarkov Coaching

Want to be a better player in Escape from Tarkov try our coaching service and start winning in maps and shoot better.

Select the coaching you need here are the options explained:

  • New Player Guide: Basic Combat, How to use Scavs, Trading, Locations and Extractions, Basic Items Explained.
  • Advanced Combat: How to shoot better, how to snipe, when to start a fight and when to run.
  • Choosing the Right Weapon and Armor: How to choose the right gear for your budget.
  • Ammo Guide: Explaining the difference between ammunition and what to use in each situation.
  • Weapon Modding: How to upgrade a gun and what are the best parts.
  • How to make money: Detailed coaching how to farm and do raids for money.
  • Locations: Detailed Coaching for any map you choose.
  • Custom Coaching: You can choose the coaching what we should do in the 60min.

How is the Escape from Tarkov Coaching done? first, our coach will add you and ask you few questions about your stats and where you struggle after that he will watch you play and give you hints and tips how to be a better player in tarkov.

To purchase EFT Coaching simply select what kind of coaching do you need and if you want something that is not on the list select the custom options.


  • Escape from Tarkov Account any Region
  • Want to learn to be a better player

Your Reward:

  • Become a better player in tarkov.

Delivery Time:

  • After the payment we need few hours until a coach can start, this can take up to 24h in some rare occasions.

Questions and Answers for Escape from Tarkov Coaching

Q: What does it mean to be semi-experienced and experienced?
A: It is simply how well you know the game if you think you know almost everything just need some tips to be better then select experienced.

Q: I don't speak very well English can I still understand everything?
A: Our coaches speak fluent English and if you don't speak it very well it is no problem you will still learn a lot.

Q: How long does one lesson last in Escape from Tarkov Coaching?
A: Our lessons last one hour or 60min.

Q: What can I learn in coaching and how can I choose what I will learn?
A: Once the coach is assigned you can explain to him what help do you need and he will teach you that.

Q: I am a new player I don't know where to start in tarkov?
A:  If you are a new player he will start from the basics and then go to more advanced stuff depending on how many hours you bought.

Q: Do i need to share my account information for this?
A:  No, our coaching is done via discord or skype.

Q: Are there here any discount or coupon codes available if I buy more items the price is really high?
A: Yes, see please our discount tab near the description tab and you can select 5hours then increase qty to 2 for 12 hours total.

Q: I still have a question what is the best way to contact you?
A: Use our live chat located in the right corner, if you don't see it disable your adblocker.

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