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Escape from Tarkov Boosting

Escape from Tarkov Boosting
Escape from Tarkov Boosting

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Buy Escape from Tarkov Raid Boosting, we can help you clear maps and do raids, no special gear is required.

This is our service where you can play with us or we can play on your account and do Raid Loot Runs in Escape from Tarkov, all items that drop are yours to keep.

To purchase EFT Boosting, select the map you want the boost and select how many runs you would like and you can select a special option like streaming or playing with the booster.

After the payment, we will contact you over email and you can contact us over live chat to speed up the process.


  • Escape from Tarkov Account any Region

Your Reward:

  • All items that drop during the EFT Loot Run are yours to keep.

Delivery Time:

  • We need 1-3hours after the payment until we can start the job, if you select to play with the booster it can take a bit longer up to 24h.

Questions and Answers for Escape from Tarkov Boosting

Q: Is my Tarkov Account safe when I don't select Play with the Booster?
A: Yes, we don't use any hacks or cheats just a skilled player will play on your account, of course, if you can afford it better select play with the booster.

Q: What items can I get from the Tarkov Boost?
A: The loot depends mostly on the map and luck.

Q: What gear do I need for Tarkov Boost?
A: Nothing special, if you don't have solid gear we will do first few scav runs and then will do the boost.

Q: If I select to play with the booster will he carry me?
A: Yes, we will assign 1 or 2 boosters to play with you and carry you.

Q: What happens if I die in the raid boost?
A: We will repeat the map until you get one exit with solid gear.

Q: Why do some map cost more than others?
A: Only lab cost more because the loot is stronger and better players play there.

Q: If I select stream my boost in Tarkov how can i watch it?
A: You will get the stream link over email or discord if you are not available to watch when the booster is playing he can record the games.

Q: Can I learn something from Tarkov Raid Boost?
A: It depends, if you want to be a better player better choose our coaching services then eft boosting.

Q: How do I know that I got all the items that dropped during the raid?
A: Once we finish the raid we will make a screenshot of all the items that we got.

Q: Do I need keys or keycards for better loot?
A: It is not needed but it can increase the loot a lot if you have them for the specific map you select.

Q: Are there any discount or coupon codes available for large orders?
A: Yes, see please our discount tab near the description tab or contact us for something specific.

Q: I still have a question what is the best way to contact you?
A: Use our live chat located in the right corner, if you don't see it disable your adblocker.

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